Hancock Co. Marion TR 242

Each year at its Annual Meeting, Flexible Pavements of Ohio (FPO) recognizes projects that demonstrate exceptional quality in asphalt pavement construction. These awards represent a diverse spectrum of pavement types from Ohio's interstate system with some of the highest traffic volumes in the nation, to low volume rural roadways, to airport runways, and commercial facilities.

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The Shelly Co. and Marion Township

This Marion Township job involved excavation for widening, then the mixing of existing pavement with the existing sub-base and spreading for a base. On top of this, The Shelly Co. placed a crushed aggregate base and two courses of HMA. Item 301, bituminous aggregate base was used as a first course and a 448 Type 1 mix capped the base. The buildup included 1,093 tons of asphalt concrete base placed 3 inches thick and 1,215 tons of Type 1 mix placed 1 ½ inches thick.