MarZane Plant No. 13

Each year at its Annual Meeting, Flexible Pavements of Ohio (FPO) recognizes projects that demonstrate exceptional quality in asphalt pavement construction. These awards represent a diverse spectrum of pavement types from Ohio's interstate system with some of the highest traffic volumes in the nation, to low volume rural roadways, to airport runways, and commercial facilities.

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Award Recipient: 
Mar-Zane, Inc.

From 1994 to 2004, Mar-Zane Plant 13, located in Byesville, was operated as a 7-foot Bituma Store parallel flow drum mixer. In order to eliminate emissions and at the same time increase production from a 180-ton per hour plant, Mar-Zane decided to upgrade the plant in 2004. The upgraded plant will produce more than 300 tons per hour with fewer emissions than the old plant. To accomplish this, the company added a 9 foot by 36 foot Barber Greene counter flow dryer, a Stansteel rotary mixer and 30,000 gallon liquid storage tank. Automation at the facility was upgraded as well, as the baghouse and emulsion storage facilities were enhanced. New storm water prevention was also designed and installed, which included construction of tank containment. Trees, shrubs, grass and signage were also added to enhance aesthetics.