Shelly Materials, Reynoldsburg Plant

Each year at its Annual Meeting, Flexible Pavements of Ohio (FPO) recognizes projects that demonstrate exceptional quality in asphalt pavement construction. These awards represent a diverse spectrum of pavement types from Ohio's interstate system with some of the highest traffic volumes in the nation, to low volume rural roadways, to airport runways, and commercial facilities.

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Shelly Materials

Shelly Materials Plant No. 94, which is located in Reynoldsburg, is an ASTEC double-barrel counter flow drum mix facility. The company had the plant installed with the latest burner technology and incorporated hardware to capture blue smoke and odor that potentially could emanate from the asphalt storage tanks. Frequent burner tuning and in-house stack testing keeps the plant at peak performance. The plant has an environmental reporting program that reports directly into the Shelly Materials main office, allowing environmental management personnel to monitor the plant for compliance.