Kings Island Drive Resurfacing, Mason

Each year at its Annual Meeting, Flexible Pavements of Ohio (FPO) recognizes projects that demonstrate exceptional quality in asphalt pavement construction. These awards represent a diverse spectrum of pavement types from Ohio's interstate system with some of the highest traffic volumes in the nation, to low volume rural roadways, to airport runways, and commercial facilities.

Award Date: 
Award Recipient: 
John R. Jurgensen Co., City of Mason

Providing 15 years of exemplary pavement performance. Kings Island Drive is a high traffic, business area with more than 17,500 vehicles a day traveling this route. Originally constructed in 1972 by the John R. Jurgensen Co. for the Warren County Engineer’s Office. Project was not resurfaced until 1995. Resurfaced again in 2010 and is also receiving a Quality Paving Award for that work and meets the criteria for a national Perpetual Pavement Award.