Otter Creek Road/Bayshore Road, City of Oregon

Each year at its Annual Meeting, Flexible Pavements of Ohio (FPO) recognizes projects that demonstrate exceptional quality in asphalt pavement construction. These awards represent a diverse spectrum of pavement types from Ohio's interstate system with some of the highest traffic volumes in the nation, to low volume rural roadways, to airport runways, and commercial facilities.

Award Date: 
Award Recipient: 
The Shelly Company and The City of Oregon

Shelly constructed this Warm Mix Asphalt project consisting of four different types of pavement construction: Full-depth asphalt; Rubblization of existing concrete pavement; Milling with full-depth concrete base repair and overlay, Asphalt milling and overlay. Project noted as very unique for having substantial complexity due to varying work types and for the quality of work at a railroad crossing and intersections.