Update to 2013 Construction & Materials Specifications

Updates to the Ohio Department of Transportation's 2013 Construction & Materials Specifications

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has approved updates for Supplemental Specification 800 for the 2013 Construction and Materials Specifications and Supplement 1055 that covers density testing under Item 448.

Both of these updated specifications are dated April 19, 2013 and will be posted to the ODOT webpage as of that date. Advance copies of these updates can be found on the FPO webpage by selecting the following links- Supplemental Specification 800 and Supplement 1055.

Of particular interest to the asphalt pavement community are the revisions of 702.01 in SS 800 that relate to asphalt binders. The new specification will allow Ground Tire Rubber (GTR) modified asphalt binder and Elvaloy™ modified binders as an alternate to polymer modified binders. 

Supplement 1055 is revised to require the establishment of the target density during the first 4 hours of production and to emphasize the requirement to take action to obtain the required minimum density.

Please contact FPO for additional information.