404LVT (Low Volume Traffic) Revised Specification Now Available

The asphalt industry has revised the specification for 404LVT (Low Volume Traffic) as part of a continuous effort to improve the performance of Ohio's asphalt pavements. 404LVT was developed for use in low volume traffic applications as an alternative to chip sealing and microsurfacing to provide longer service life between treatments, better economy, and motorist satisfaction.  It is a 1-inch thick asphalt overlay that corrects minor surface distresses, provides increase to pavement strength, enhances ride comfort, and improves road profile and driver safety.

404LVT has been designed to be rich in asphalt binder, fine-textured, and requires a minimum of 50 percent of the virgin fine aggregate to be natural sand to facilitate mix density, flexibility, and resilience.  The revised specification includes higher asphalt binder contents for both gravel and limestone mixture formulations; adjusted minimum virgin binder contents; a 20 percent maximum incorporation of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement; incorporation of binder type PG58-28; and a binder adjustment when aggregate absorption is four percent or greater.

The revised specification is available on FPO’s webpage.  Public agencies, designers and contractors are encouraged to contact FPO at (614) 791-3600 or info@flexiblepavements.org for additional information.