Quality Asphalt Paving Awards

Resurfacing of Parking Lot at Sam’s Club # 6305 in the City of Brooklyn
Resurfacing of U.S. Route 224 from Oakwood Dr. to State Route 532 & State Route 532 from U.S. Route 224 to Interstate 76 in Summit Co.
Resurfacing of State Route 7 from Chester to the Shade River in Meigs Co.
Construction of Parking Lot at Twin Oast Brewery in the City of Port Clinton
Resurfacing of State Route 111 from State Route 49 to State Route 500 in Paulding Co.
Resurfacing of Interstate 77 from Tuscarawas Co. to North Salem in Guernsey Co.
Butler Regional Highway (State Route 129-16.22 - 25.86) from State Route 4 to Interstate 75 in Butler Co., Providing 19 Years of Exemplary Pavement Performance
Resurfacing of County Road 114 from State Route 643 to State Route 39 in Holmes Co.
Resurfacing of Washington Rd. from River Rd. to Drake Rd. in Huron Co.
Resurfacing of State Route 73 from the City of Oxford to State Route 177 & State Route 177 from State Route 73 to State Route 130 in Butler Co.
Resurfacing of East River Rd. from State Route 254 to State Route 611 in Sheffield Village
Resurfacing of State Route 60 from Washington Co. to Airport Rd. in Morgan Co.
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