Who We Are


Clifford Ursich, PE
President and Executive Director

Florence "Flo" H. Flowers
Executive Assistant / Office Manager

Andrew I. Gall
Director of Customer Relations

William "Bill" H. Fair, PE
Director of Engineering Services

James "Jim" A. Marszal, PE
Pavements, Materials & Field Applications Engineer

John Crane, PE
Pavements, Materials & Field Applications Engineer

Officers and Board of Directors for 2019-2020


Brent C. Gerken, Gerken Paving, Inc.


Rodney Russell, Barrett Paving Materials


Dean Wikel, Erie Blacktop, Inc.

Board of Directors

Frank "Tim" Bell, M&B Asphalt Co., Inc.
Wm. Bryce Burgett, Kokosing Materials, Inc.
James "Jim" Jurgensen II, Valley Asphalt Corp.
Colby "Cole" I. Graham, Shelly and Sands, Inc.
Ty Nofziger, The Shelly Company
Howard J. Wenger, Northstar Asphalt Inc.