Who is Eligible to Receive a Scholarship

The Scholarship Program currently provides funding for undergraduate or graduate students who are U.S. citizens and enrolled in a full-time civil engineering, construction management or construction engineering curriculum at one of the eleven participating universities. A student must be in good academic standing and agree to take a course in asphalt pavement technology before graduation. Scholarships will be awarded to students entering their junior, senior or fifth year of a Bachelor Degree Program in Civil Engineering or a Bachelor Degree Program in construction management or engineering related area.  A undergraduate student may may be eligible to receive a scholarship for a maximum of 2 years, subject to maintaining eligiblility and the annual selection process.

The institution selected by the student must offer, and the student must take, at least one course on asphalt pavement technology. The applicable courses are listed below, by institution:

  • Bowling Green State University - Cons 490
  • Case Western Reserve University - ECIV 437
  • Cleveland State University - CVE 447-547
  • Ohio Northern University - CE 3531 or 3551
  • Ohio State University - CE 4552
  • Ohio University - CE 482/582
  • University of Akron - 4300 468/568
  • University of Cincinnati - CVE 6063/6067
  • University of Toledo - CIVE 4900
  • Youngstown State University - CEEGR 4800
  • University of Dayton - CEE515

Universities may enable students to take an on-line course in lieu of the listed course.  Contact FPO for more information.

In the case of graduate students their major field of study must be related to asphalt pavement technology. Graduate students may be granted more than one scholarship each year and will be eligible to apply for additional scholarships during their graduate academic career.  Graduate students may  be eligible for asphalt scholarships even though they received two scholarships as undergraduates.   Graduate students should apply using the on-line application and use the comment section to indicate their graduate student status and the nature of their curriculum as it relates to asphalt pavement technology. Graduate students must have a letter of recommendation submitted by their faculty advisor. All other requirements related to the asphalt scholarship program also apply.

Participants in the NAPA Research and Education Foundation Scholarship Program will be selected competitively using criteria that includes: consideration of past academic performance and future potential, leadership and participation in school and community activities, work experience, level of career and educational aspirations in the transportation industry, goals and special personal, family or industry relationships and circumstances. Additional requirements are as follows:

Complete and submit the on-line application.  Answer all the questions.  Incomplete applications will not be considered. Limit responses to each question to  250 words, maximum.  Instructions for the application are as follows:

  1. The applicant's relevant extracurricular activities will be considered. List any professional/student organization memberships.  Note any leadership positions held.  Note any civic, community service or volunteer activities.
  2. The applicant's work experience will be considered.  Note any jobs, co-op positions or internships held.   Provide dates and employers.
  3. The applicant's career objectives will be considered.  There should be a demonstrated interest in a career in the transportation, construction or building industry. 
  4. Applicant should indicate where they would prefer to locate and work after graduation.
  5. The applicant should provide any pertinent personal, family, industry relationships or other circumstances that they would like for the committee to consider.
  6. Please list all Asphalt Technology related courses taken or scheduled including Course ID, Credit Hours, and the college at which the course was taken.  For graduate students describe your program of study and research.


Student must be in good academic standing with the university/college.  If selected for a scholarship, a transcript will be required.

Letters of recommendation are not required for undergraduate student applicants; but up to two may be submitted and will be considered. For graduate student applicants, a letter of recommendation from their faculty advisor is required.

Bachelor Degree students must have taken, or agree to take, a 2 to 3 credit hour course in asphalt pavement technology. Graduate student applicants must be pursuing a course of study and/or research related to asphalt pavement technology.  Questions concerning course availability or applicability should be directed to your department chairman or Flexible Pavements of Ohio.

Selected applicants are announced at Flexible Pavements of Ohio’s EXPO in the spring of the year and the cash awards distributed at the beginning of the academic year.